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App-solute Analysis

3rd July 2012 by Amanda Bathory | Analytics & Data

Google has launched mobile app analytics which measures and monitors the performance of mobile apps, including discovery, download and engagement. Designed for inquisitive developers and analysts (guilty as charged), the much anticipated and welcome software reveals the how, what, where, why and when of the customer journey in an app. So, why is it so imperative to understand and unravel the data we receive from apps? The highlights include:

Acquisition and User Metrics

Source: Google Analytics Blog (http://bit.ly/R0MG9a)


  • Discover who opens your app and whether they are app-newbies or returning users.
  • Where does app traffic come from? Track the value of Google Play conversions
  • Which version of the app is most effective? Detect active users on updates and older adaptations of the app.
  • What devices does your app operate on? Realising which operating systems are most valuable (or indeed, causing problems) allows for tailored and focused improvements on each device.


Source: Google Analytics Blog (http://bit.ly/R0MG9a)

  • Study the frequency and loyalty of users and discover how they use your app.
  • Customer path and data is visualised, clearly expressing where usage can be improved.
  • Quality assurance in crash reports; monitor fault-trends and troubleshoot accordingly.

Source: Google Analytics Blog (http://bit.ly/R0MG9a)


  • Specify and monitor your goals; app analytics is flexible whether goals focus on time, or clicks.
  • Discover in-app purchases and the revenue generated.

Google do not disappoint in the flexibility of use in the accompanying admin system for these new features; clear in design and user friendly, it has become an intuitive part of the Google analytics dashboard.

Source: Google Analytics Blog (http://bit.ly/R0MG9a)

Google are rolling out these new features across all Google analytics accounts, with an aim for all users to have access at the end of summer. If that’s just too long to wait you can apply for priority access on a whitelisted account, here.

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