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Digital Marketing Work Experience at Yard

24th November 2016 by Lauren Pearson | Content & Search, News & Events

One of the students who was inspired to consider digital marketing as a potential career after taking part in our 2015 BIMA Digital Day at Craigmount High School spent last week at the Yard office in Edinburgh for work experience.

To conclude a jam-packed (and hopefully interesting) week we asked Alison to write a blog post on her experience.

Yard work experience digital marketing

“This week I carried out my work experience placement at Yard and I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

On my first day I was very nervous because I hadn’t done anything like this before, but that feeling was soon gone as everyone in the office was very nice and welcoming. During the first day I spent my time writing a press release, sourcing journalists and drafting pitch emails to the journalists I had found. When I got home I was very tired!

Monday to Wednesday I was working with Lauren, the PR & Marketing Manager at Yard, who made sure that I understood what I was doing. Then on Thursday and Friday I was working with Kirsten, who is Campaign Executive. On those days I was asked to research cat adoption and source sites for a piece of content – which was great as I got to look at lots of cute pictures of cats! 

Lauren and Kirsten were very nice and friendly and you can talk to them easily. They have great fashion sense too. (Yard disclaimer – Lauren and Kirsten are adamant that they did not bribe Alison to say this!)

The thing I enjoyed the most about my week at Yard (excluding the hot chocolate I had every morning) was sourcing bloggers for outreach and researching cat adoption. I’m now really excited to hopefully pursue digital marketing as a career in the future.”

If you’d be interested in potentially doing some work experience in the Yard offices, drop us an email! You can reach us at hello@weareyard.com 

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