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#MyTechStory – Nathan Stockford

16th October 2015 by Lauren Pearson | News & Events

Between 5.10.15 and 20.11.15, The Tech Partnership are targeting young people making important decisions about their futures with the #MyTechStory campaign, aiming to illustrate the opportunities available to those who choose a career in tech.

Here’s Yard’s Nathan Stockford with his story:

nathan - new logoI have had an interest in computers for as long as I can remember – in Year 4 at school I did a show and tell project on how to build a computer, though nobody else in the class seemed too bothered about it! I’ve always been the go-to guy among my friends when their computers broke as I spent so much time on mine – I remember being constantly told off by my mum when I kept knocking her off her phone calls back in the days of dial up internet!

After finishing school I completed a degree in Astrophysics where I learnt to use more complex programs to help with equations and to process long algorithms. From there my first real job was at a smart meter company where my role was to remotely investigate and fix broken smart meters.

I found my current role at Yard through my brother – he worked at the company and recommended me for the position as he knew I would enjoy it, and he was right! I am now a Web Analyst Consultant which means that I work with clients to help capture information about visitor journeys on their websites – a side of tech that I didn’t even know existed until I applied for the job. I feel like I’m learning so much here – I’m getting better at coding all the time.

The best bit of my job is the unknown – I’ve always enjoyed learning new things all the time so it’s great to work in a business sector which is still young and which changes and develops constantly. In the same vein, I would say that my biggest career success so far has been to have the opportunity recently to give a training session on my own for the first time.

I’m not sure where I see myself in five years time, but I hope that I will still be involved in web analytics and on the forefront of the unknown. I would absolutely recommend that young people consider the digital industry when they think about their future – it’s such a fun and exciting time at the moment as all businesses, whether new or old, are building websites, apps, games etc. and they all require digital development.

– You can find more information on The Tech Partnership’s #MyTechStory campaign here

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