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Webtrends Analytics 10 – Great new interface, here’s to exciting future releases.

12th July 2011 by Gareth Russell | Analytics & Data

WebTrends has recently released their brand new Analytics 10 interface and we at Yard have been using it quite a lot for its great new abilities. This post will outline a few of its great new pieces of functionality and take a look at some of the stuff that’s still missing.

Pages Dashboard

This is a great new piece of functionality that brings together a number of new and existing URL based measures that would have only been available in separate reports in On Demand. This dashboard provides a simple way to view how a single page is performing using measures such as visits, views, bounce, forward paths, Geographic visits and traffic sources. You need to enable a number of new inbuilt custom reports to enable this feature.

Campaigns Dashboard

Another great new way of looking at how individual campaigns are performing based on landing pages and the Most Recent Campaign parameter. This shows the same information as the pages dashboard but now ties in conversion events from the Webtrends conversion events parameter or a conversion URL.


I have worked with clients in the past who, although not necessarily large themselves, may control a number of websites, each requiring a different profile. When we get past 30 or so profiles,  the profile list in On Demand (or insight) is often not up to the job of organising that information very well, whereas Groups allow you to…well… group common profiles based on the Home URL field in the profile and makes the account much easier to navigate. This ensures that the new interface provides a much improved and better balanced user interface for all.

Two Click Downloads

One of my biggest bug-bares with On Demand was the difficulty in getting data both out and into standard packages like Excel. Most of the corporate entities I work with do not allow its employees  to install packages on clients; this makes it particularly difficult to get the report exporter working and we are left with extracting via email which itself poses problems when talking about large report sizes and small email MB allowances. The REST API helped with this as this does not require any locally installed applications. A nice little feature of Insight/Analytics 10 is the ability to download to csv directly from the interface.  Much easier!

Pages Reports

One of the things we do miss from the old OnDemand interface is the way the ‘pages’ dimension used to show both the page title and the URL. As with the insight interface, the Pages dimension now reports as a single line showing only the page title rather than a two line URL plus title as it was in On Demand. In my opinion not as good as the old dimension, but some tinkering with custom reports quickly allows us to fix this one.

Single Day Trend Graph

When selecting a single day in a trended report in On Demand, the report would show an hourly breakdown of the selected measures for the top 5 or so rows. This provided a quick glance about how the most important entries in that row performed, and when we are talking about time sensitive actions (such as TV adverts for example), hourly data is essential. Analytics 10 does not currently trend down to the hour level when selecting a single date, although you can extract the data manually through the REST API. Hopefully this feature is something that’s on the roadmap for the next few iterations of the new interface.

In summary

To summarise then, we are delighted to see the new interface and the goodies that WebTrends have delivered us. Whilst there are some small omissions from the old onDemand interface, WebTrends has said that the new interface will benefit from more frequent updates (the 10.1 release is already planned) so we’re genuinely excited about what the future iterations will provide.

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